Wonderfull Women

WonderFULL Women is an adventure started in 2018 from the minds of 4 very different women. On stage, in life, and at work we are used to collaborating, supporting and discovering what is positive in us. Outside there is a whole world of women with immense potential! Let us join forces and let us dig it out, to discover that there is a universe of wonderfull women who should know themselves and know each other… in a Wonderfull World!Through educational programs, media & editorial products and socio-cultural campaigns we want to empower women in every area of society and give our contribution in favor of a necessary social change.WonderFULL Women is a startup launched and curated by L’Officina della Meraviglia, an Italian female collective, born in 2018, which focuses on Life’s fulfillment, personal blooming, creativity, and socio-cultural innovation.


Every woman is a wonder
Every woman is full of wonder
Every woman is full of potential
Every woman is a potential WonderFULL Woman
Every woman is unique
We seek braveness to be our authentic self
We don’t believe in perfection
We believe that by being vulnerable we will change the leadership standards
We believe that by empowering women we can change the world.
We believe that empowered women empower women.
We believe that empowering women potential will tackle the gender gap
We believe in the importance to give a good example to the new generation
We believe that women can make a difference to overcome the economic crisis
We believe that if we want to change the world, we should better start from ourselves
We believe that women should promote, endorse, support other women
When women get together they fully achieve their best potential
We believe in the importance to see more women in charge of their life and in charge of powerful decisions
We believe in equal opportunities, equity, human rights, inclusion and diversity for a WonderFULL World