Voice/Body – Public Speaking




Voice is an instrument. Voice is a marvelous universe itself. 

We all have a voice and our voice is unique.

Do you think you know your real voice? Do you like it? Do you feel comfortable with it? Do you arrive at evening without it? Do you think you can use it and control it? Can you manage all the different colors and possibilities that your voice gives to you? You don’t need to be a singer to be interested in this, maybe you just wanna know better yourself, you wanna improve your vocal performance in your daily life.

If you think about it, we are using our voice the entire day, for most of us it’s the most important instrument in our job, because maybe we are teachers, lawyers, or sellers, or we need to use it to calm down people like doctors, mothers or psychologists.

The voice has a lot of shades and possibilities in every different musical culture, but the most important thing is to find our natural voice with its own peculiar characteristics for using it in an healthy way in everyday of our life, for singing but even for working.

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In addition to discovering the texture of your own voice, the purpose of the workshop is also to experiment a new perspective and a new vision of your own voice through methodologies such as improvisation and Circle Songs.

Circle Song allows you to express yourself better and make you feel a special energy that only voice can give. 

The harmony with your body, your expressions, your self-confidence and your emotional &communicational skills are involved in the process depending on your own aim.

Classes can be individual or in groups, for professionals or for beginners.




Do you want support from a vocal coach preparing ad audition? recording an album? Do you want to specialize in vocal technique? Do you still have some technical questions, or doubts or problems in your singing? You can’t reach high notes? Your voice is broken? The fundamentals of the vocal instrument are the key to making the most of it. And Vocal Coach is who is suppose to give you the keys.

My aim is showing you how to remove the obstacles that could be preventing you from using your voice the way you wanted to. We will make a plan and with discipline and determination will improve your voice at its best potential!

The Voice, what a instrument!