I’ve Got your Back Mate!

This is one of my special program under the umbrella of my method ‘Let’s Improv to Improve!’

The magic Art of Improvisation has a big transformational power on people’s life and behavior. We become more openauthentic and resilient as individuals and at the same time we learn how to be good mate in our group or team for our personal relationships or for our team at work.

Team building activities focusing on group behavior will be the centre of the workshops exploring the different models of leadership as a group and as individuals serving the good of the whole in order to reach higher results, more motivated teams and better performances. 

Mindfulness is one of the secret of a good and healthy group mood. Starting being present, here and now with a active listening capability, ready to accept and to add your little and very important contribution to the group.

Not everything can be planned in life, it becomes vital to learn how to improvise in our daily life managing the unexpected according to the surrounding and to the others. All the time making choices, ready to fail without fear in order to grow because change is innovation and it’s essential.

If you think of Improv as a tool able to be a mirror of our daily life behaviors and patterns as well as in our work relationships, you will be able to grow an amazing group mindfulness, creating a very special harmony in your group performing as a very powerful and creative collective mind. 

Why not cleaning internal dynamics through a playful tool like Improv?

Let’s Improv to Improve, I’ve got your back mate!!!!