Integration & Multi-cultural Communication

This is one of my special program under the umbrella of my method ‘Let’s Improv to Improve!’

The magic Art of Improvisation has a big transformational power on people’s life and behavior. We become more open, authentic and resilient as individuals as well as society if we all get out of our comfort zone ready to work on ourself to become a better person part of a better society.

Most of the problems our society nowadays is facing are problems based on a life of people who are not living their life according to their authentic person, also getting into misunderstanding all the time and personal conflicts are on the menu of our everyday life.

Speaking a different language it’s a plus, it’s amazing but it’s never an excuse for misunderstandings because communication is based on much more than just language. Working on empathy, active listening, acceptance and resilience will be the keys for our work.

We do can choose to be different, we do can choose to be better as a person and as a citizen of the world. We all need to make the choice to participate to a global dialogue to achieve and maintain peaceful social relations. If you do feel the need to move toward to a safe, stable and just society you are welcome to participate to this program where we can focus on inclusion against any kind of differences, cohesion and resilience working to achieve our common goal.

This workshop is designed especially for NGOs and Civil Society actors as well as any other kind of multicultural environments like companies or schools.

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