IMPROV Portfolio of proposals

Improv lıfe couple

1 – IMPROVVOCAL: ImproVVocal is a vocal journey about discovering your real voice, its colors, how to use it and the magic of using it to vocalimprovise stories in many different ways in your scenes.

The voice is an instrument. When you can learn how to control it, you will be able to use it as a musical soundtrack, as well as an active and perceptive protagonist in your storytelling. In this workshop, voice, word, and body become one, as we journey from Circle Singing to Improvised A Cappella Vocal Orchestra, and explore different uses of Music with Improv through spontaneous exploration of vocal/musical tools.

Trainer: Martina Pavone Assistant: Kıvanç Özdemir

2 – IMPROWOW– Women & Inclusion in Improvisation is a global initiative that wants to improve the Improv scene from a gender perspective for a more diverse, inclusive and fair Improv community. The goal of this workshop is to give the participants the proper tools needed to explore these gender issues and learn how to deal with them in our stories.

This workshop is divided into two parts. First, a facilitated brainstorming session that introduces activities and exercises in preparation for the second part, where we implement these tools in our storytelling. The workshop includes a lot of feedback sessions throughout, in order to make everybody feel comfortable on every level, due to the sensitivity of the topic.

Trainer: Martina Pavone Assistant: Kıvanç Özdemir

3 – The Art of feedback in Improvisation – Most of the times, as improvisers we underestimate the importance a very good structured feedback session, or we don’t know how to implement the notes after we got them. This is a workshop that uses some secrets from applied improvisation techniques in order to give practical instruments to improvisers in order to use it within their improv group. This workshop is divided into two parts. First, a bit more of a technical kind of work on how to use models of briefing and debriefing tools applied to our work in order to be more efficient and grow faster all together as a group. In the second part, we will play and implement all the new instruments.

Trainer: Martina Pavone Assistant: Kıvanç Özdemir

4 – Empathy for Improvisers – This workshop helps the improvisers to become more self-aware of themselves and more empathic with the others. How can we use our emotional intelligence in our scene work? Reading better all situations, using our real emotions, learning how to recognize them, non-verbal communication recognition etc. Whenever you are more aware as a person, as an improviser, finally in control of our emotions, feelings, and needs, it means we un-blocked our empathy skills, so we will be able to be more vulnerable and authentic on the stage serving the stories, being true to our characters, making our partners shine and serving the good of the whole.

Trainer: Martina Pavone Assistant: Kıvanç Özdemir

5 – Let’s speak the same language! We should never forget that the only real language we have in common is Improvisation. And in our storytelling our communication skills are made by actions, body, emotions, interactions, relationships, colors, sounds and at the end also language. So, this workshop, will focus on learning how to improvise without talking, using the power of sounds, silence, pause; exploiting the power of gebrish, as a common improvised language; and, at the end, mixing different languages proving that we are still speaking the same language without the need of abusing our own common usual mother language, bringing us out of the limits of our comfort zone, in order to explore different kind of skills with the two goals of making us feel comfortable with improvising with people from different cultures and languages, but at the same time, filter us and clean our tendency of speaking too much in scenes and forgetting all the other powerful communicational tools. 

Trainer: Kıvanç Özdemir Assistant: Martina Pavone

6 – Transitions – Too often we underestimate the power of transitions between scenes or between stories. This workshop aims to focus on the different roles of transitions in our storytelling and at the same time exploring and exploiting all the different ways we have to use them according to our need. Sometimes they may guide us to continue the story. Sometimes they are a perfect ensemble moment to move forward in time or even go backward. Sometimes they represent an emotion or they may be an abstract moment to use for inspiration. We may use the power of music and rhythm, we may explore more our physical interactions in it and create even more and new combinations to build different formats around it. 

Trainer: Kıvanç Özdemir Assistant: Martina Pavone

7 – Stories within Games – With this workshop, the idea is to explore how to make every short-form game, a possibility to tell stories and challenge ourselves even after many years. Some of us may have lost the enthusiasm for short-form games, even without realizing it, we start seeing patterns, repetitions, limiting jokes and rejections and we may need to filter and see at it from a different perspective, because actually, every game gives us different opportunities to explore relationships, emotions, and stories, challenging our skills as observers, team members, and playwriters. 

Trainer: Kıvanç Özdemir Assistant: Martina Pavone


Martina Pavone has been professionally working on Improv for the past 7 years as a performer, teacher, and applied Improv coach. She is specialized in vocal improvisation and tours around Europe with her #improvvocal workshop. Martina is a part of the SABIR Mediterranean group, who work on socio-political Improv. She is also part of the Pandora Festival board and she is the Coordinator of Improwow Project – Women & Inclusion in Improvisation. She collaborates with Assetto Teatro, AZOT Improv, Harlekin Theatre and International Theatresports Institute. As a singer, she works with Maestro Eser Taşkıran in Turkey and Maestro Luca Ruggero Jacovella in Italy.

Martina has made her life all about Improv, using applied improvisation with corporations, NGOs, and schools for the past 10 years. Currently, with her program “Let’s Improv to Improve – Improvisation in Life, Improvisation in Business” she works with Professor Andrea Montefusco and LUISS BUSINESS SCHOOL.  As a communications coach, she works on interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, public speaking. She also has a special program for Women’s Empowerment: WonderFULL Women and one for teenagers: WonderFULL Teens. Martina is also a Life Coach through Drama and Improv in the IMI middle school in Istanbul, working as a support for teenagers and prevention of violence and bullying. Since 2013 she has been the director of Onar Istanbul, working to fight GBV and empower women.


Kıvanç Özdemir has been working on Improvisation for the past 10 years as a member of AZOT IMPRO. He has been teaching Improv for 5 years, in Turkish and English. He was on the organizational team of the first two Istanbul International Improv Festival. He is a member of SABIR Mediterranean group, who work on socio-political Improv with Italy, Spain, Algeria, and Tunisia. With his group, he won the first national Improv League in 2016. He is collaborating with the International Theatresports Institute, translating the Theatresports guide in Turkish and, together with Martina, bringing different Improvisational Cultures and guests to Turkey (Improvworkshopsinistanbul).  He is currently collaborating with Assetto Teatro as a trainer for the master program “La Cantina”. In his free time, he is a lawyer, specialized in criminal law and has a master of art in forensic medicine working for his own law practice in Istanbul.

Since 2013, he is a board member of ONAR Istanbul working to fight Gender Based Violence and empower women as the Head of the Law Department and Trainer in Universities and Schools about GBV, Divorce, Foreigners, child protection, Integration & Inclusion.


Those kinds of workshops may be organized in different formulas (3,6,9,12 hours) according to the need of the organizers, the number of participants etc. The budgeting proposal may vary according to these details.

Languages: Italian, Turkish, English with translation is provided by us.