Istanbul International A Cappella Choir was born from the collaboration between Circolo Roma of Istanbul and Martina Pavone in January 2014.
Members are all international people coming from different countries. For this reason we like to call this choir a ‘social choir’ with the aim to represent the perfect harmony among diversities. 
IIACC generally has a a cappella world music repertoire in different languages and genres but also a very rich Christmas repertoire and a completed improvised format. Indeed IIACC is the only choir in Istanbul specialized in Circle Singing and Vocal Improvisation, and they are using it as a interactive tool in order to activly involve the audience as well. IIACC since the beginning had the honor to perform for many different occasions like International Festivals, Conferences, Consulate events, Churches and private parties.
Martina Pavone is the Artistic Director and Official Director.
Robert Beto Hall is the Director Assistant.
VokalIST is a little vocal group born in september 2016 from 6 IIACC’s members, under the direction of Martina Pavone.
Watch here an NTV performance from Sant’Antuan Xmas Concert!
Would you like to book a concert with us?
Infos at martina.pavone@gmail.com