About me


Passion, Energy, Impact & Collaboration.

Martina Pavone is a Passionate, Energetic Italian Woman with multipotentialite, expatriated in Istanbul in 2013, who loves to communicate with people, touch them in deep with her work, inspire them, raise their voice and empower them in order to make a difference in the world.


Martina as a trainer

As a trainer she started teaching when she was just sixteen years old, at the beginning just as an assistant, but soon becoming an officlal music and theater teacher for different schools in Milano. During all these years she had the opportunity to work with children from 2 years old, primary school children, middle schoolers, teenagers and adults as well.

In the last ten years she became a corporate trainer as well, thanks to the fortunate professional collaboration with Professor Andrea Montefusco (Bocconi, Sant’Anna, LUISS University etc..) who taught to her everything from the Management and Business side: managing the change, leaderships, group behaviour. She assisted him in the class for many different training programs and together they established a special method to include Applied Improvisation technique in the work with managers exploring the big impact that this had on their life and their productivity at work. With the time this became an original method itself: Let’s Improv to Improve – Improvisation in life, Improvisation in Business that she could bring to many different companies all over Italy and Turkey.

Currently she is a consultant, and corporate trainer for LUISS BUSINESS SCHOOL working with clients like Endress Hauser, Acea, Ama, Atac, Dis, Poste Italiane etc.

She is also specialized in Inclusion, Diversity and Women’s Empowerment programs for corporates, a topic that should be the HR priority for 2018.

Together with Valentina Elmetti she designed Improv Italian: a method to learn Italian through Improvisation for children and/or adults. Currently they are bringing it around schools as well training teachers about it.

Martina directed a project about Social Integration through Music, IIACC: Istanbul International A Cappella Choir, for 3 years, thanks to the collaboration of Circolo Roma İstanbul. The participants, 60 people over the years, came from all part of the world speaking different languages from different cultures and worked on how to find the perfect harmony and peace that could be a symbol and a model of integration and inclusion for the reality we wanted to live in. With this project we went around the city for different venues, events and conferences.


Martina as a coach

Martina has her own coaching method covering areas like communication (WonderFULLcommunication), transformational coaching (WonderFULLlife, WonderFULLyou) or women’s empowerment (WonderFULLwomen) and multipotentialite (MultiWonders).  Thanks to this program she works with corporate people, teachers, or any other professional figures or she targets young women where the program become a mentoring package as well to help these girls to develop their leadership skills, a positive mindset, their awareness and self development from a gender perspective. Her coaching programs offer packages of one-one sessions as well as the academy formula organized independently or for the request of a company. She writes blog’s posts about self-confidence, self-love, motivation, communication and emotional intelligence. 

She has a speacial program for teenagers against gender based violence and bullying called WonderFULLteens and works with children as well with the program WonderFULLkids about emotional intelligence, resilience, self confidence and self-expression.


Martina as a social entrepreneur 

In 2013 she co-founded Onar Istanbul, a turkish NGO who fights gender based violence and works for women’s empowerment. Onar offers legal and psychological support to women, awareness and prevention programs, social integration programs and personal development programs. Through this organization Martina pushes the modern concept of feminism in a more inclusive and integrative way working together with men and every other gender, pushing on measurable impact and practical support to women in every areas of their life. Women who support other women, more than solidarity, collaboration, network and endorsement. With Onar Istanbul she realized many different projects in collaboration with Universities, other NGOs or foundations or companies. She is currently working with different schools as a trainer with a program on social awareness, diversity, gender based violence, bullying, integration, intercultural communication and emotional intelligence. Through Onar Istanbul she is a speaker for different conferences and meetings trying to inspire and involve more and more people in the cause.

She is also the Artistic Director of Raise your Woice Festival – Empower Women, Empower the World realized with Bahçeşehir University and many other collaborators in the territory.

She collaborates with BizzBize, a turkish NGO, as a mentor for young girls who want to fullfill their potential, empower themselves and trying to achieve their dreams in their life.

Martina was CEO of QuindiQuando for 9 years, a socio-cultural NGO in Milano and now she is also a board member of Circolo Roma Istanbul, an NGO that promotes italian culture through different cultural activities.

Martina as a performer

As a performer she goes around Europe for different festivals or productions. She was  the presenter of the format “What can I do sometimes? Sketches in the kitchen for BKM Mutfak, Istanbul. She works with the famous pianist and composer Eser Taşkıran for different projects around Turkey. She is also specialized in Improvisation and vocal Improvisation and she collaborates with different companies around Europe (Luza&Pavone, AZOT Impro, Assetto Teatro, Sabir, Arlekin Theater etc..) for shows and festivals.

With the project SABIR in collaboration with AZOT (Turkey), Assetto Teatro (Italy) and Planeta Impro (Spain) she is working on the role of improvisation as a tool for intercultural communication for Mediterranean countries, creating cultural and linguistic bridges in order to connect people in a moment where it’s better to work on common points instead of differences and just trying to look at ourselves as human beings.

She is the founder and coordinator of the project ImproWOW. A project that wants to improve the Improv community all around the world from a gender perspective pushing on women’s representation and roles, inclusion and diversity.

She also created a special program called #improvvocal for improvisational actors and she goes around the world with it , for the past 5 years, trying to share this innovative way to tell stories using a special use of a cappella voices in the most emotional way possible.