20 Lessons I learned in 2017

Uh! What a year! Definitely intense. I will summarize it in one word: peaks. Like in a mountain. This year gave me some of the best memories as well as some of the worst time. That’s why I feel I learned so much from it.

What about you?

Describe your 2017 in one word!

From every mistake, failure, experience there is always something to learn and that’s why I think it’s very important to review the past year in a very analytical way in order to grow, not to fall in the same mistakes and improve your life, making steps forward instead of turning in circles around the same patterns. Life is already so short why spending it stuck because we are too lazy or because it’s easier not to ask questions to ourselves and survive instead of living? Say NO to this and say YES to life! And….

20 Lessons I Learned

  1. Don’t be scared of your powers Yes you have superpowers and many talents. You are amazing! So stop to boycott yourself with a low self confidence or, even worse, a low self-esteem. Don’t fear it it’s just so beautiful to be brilliant and wonderFULL!
  2. Surround yourself of positive inspiring and kind people  You environment needs to be positive inspiring different and kind in order to absorb the best energy helping you to grow, to give your best and to be at your best!
  3. Don’t forget that behind every no there is an hidden yes Yep, you may see aggressive reactions, blocks, negative attitude, bullies, etc but listen with more attention. Use your empathy superpower and try to listen the need behind it, the emotions that are screaming “help” behind it, try to understand why this person is reacting like this and ask questions instead. Definitely don’t answer with the same attitude if you want to avoid a conflict. Speak with real kindness and try to understand (you are playing in your power zone,  you will surprise the other part and even yourself of the result!
  4. Take very good care of your beloved ones At the end, after yourself, they are what it really counts in life. Call more. Text more. Ask more. Offer more. Surprise them. Listen to them. Give them your best and enjoy them till you have them there with you.
  5. Work smarter not harder I used to work crazy hours, no weekends, no mental stop. I learned that this is not the way. So I learned how to work smarter and now I am more productive than before even if I take time for my self as well. Magic? no. Planning. Evaluating. Keeping track. Giving Feedback. Delegate. Enjoy and Celebrate!
  6. You are stronger than you think In my awareness journey I understood that I am stronger, braver and definitely more resilient that I thought. I may bend (yes Martina even you can bend) but I do not break. Resilience should be the priority number 1 in every educational curriculum starting from children!
  7. Make space from people and situations for a better good I learned how to recognize toxic relationships, toxic people, not worthy activities and situations in order to make space for new one and better one. Cleaning and space. Amazing effect. You feel so lighter then!
  8. You also have limits, yes, even you Of course it depends on personality, but it is also a gender issue. I always felt like I constantly have to prove myself so I needed to push and push. Work more and more. Never stop, resolve every problem, save everyone and make sure everybody is happy. I learned that even Wonder Woman has limits so keep calm & chill out!
  9. Yep working as a social-entrepreneur is difficult, a big challenge, but stop complaining Oh my goodness, sometimes it’s incredibly hard, that’s true! But as a challenge it is part of the game and it is our choice. So it’s completely useless to spend time complaining. We loose a lot of energy, we make our communication toxic and our listeners heavier and we loose the focus. Not worthy at all, otherwise change it!
  10. You are imperfectly beautiful so first of all love yourself We are all different, all unique in our way, imperfectly beautiful! So as soon as we love ourselves we get to shine thanks to the sprinkle of confidence that we get.  (Read more about it Here!) 
  11. You don’ t need to be perfect to put yourself out there Why do we always think we should wait to be perfect until starting something? I stopped doing this, I start doing things and I will get better at it in the process!
  12. Mindset is everything Keeping the focus, being positive, cleaned, kind, open and in Love! I created my own positive affirmations and I love it!
  13. Your success depend just on you Everything actually depends just on me. There is no sense in waiting for a miracle or for some luck or for some magic people that one day will magically discover me. No girl, it doesn’t work like this. Get your things done, earn every step of it. Fail and try again. If you don’t believe in it enough nobody else is doing for you.
  14. First of all, just take care of yourself Sometimes I really forget this. I am so focus on helping and supporting others that I don’t really do it for myself. So this year I made it my priority number one!
  15. Listen to all the signals from your body This is connected to the point number 14. Our body talks to us, gives us signals all the time and we should definitely listen to them. This year I am going to take of all my health problems. My dear Body I will take care of you!
  16. Make your clients paying in advance Always. At least a part of it. I probably show myself too much flexible and understanding, I don’t know. But I’ve been an easy target for unfortunate situations regarding payments. So this makes more serious the professional relationship and the commitment of clients. Also, I don’t risk to make useless work just based on trust. We should all respect the work of others more. The time, the energy of other people. Come on!
  17. Comparing yourself to others is unhealthy and useless. Yep, not healthy. Is he better than me in marketing? How come she can afford all those holidays and courses? She is definitely more beautiful that I am. He knows how to sell and talk to press. etc etc. Let’s be honest. Who is not thinking in these ways from time to time? This year I focused on that and I tried to clean my talking and my thinking from this toxic thoughts.
  18. Don’t loose energy with people who don’t deserve it. There are people who are mood hoovers. Very dangerous. They negative energy drowns me and makes me feel like I cannot breath. Or people who are constantly making you suffer or making you feel disappointed. I mean, we don’t need it. We can just make space for other people who can be a better influence in our life.
  19. Be vulnerable and authentic even publicly, it’s harder and risky but it’s definitely worth it Yeah I didn’t chose the easies way, most people I know would rather hide behind a perfect builded mask in public, on socials etc. My work all goes around my energy and persona. I have to be authentic otherwise it would be so hypocrite! Is it harder? Yes it is. Vulnerability can be so scary sometimes. Putting your face on everything you say, taking responsibility for your mistakes and failures. Showing to people that of course you are not perfect but you are doing your best that’s the only inspiring thing.
  20. Don’t play princess, learn technical tools Yep I have to admit it, sometimes I would rather ask to someone to check some technical problems for me, repeating to myself “I don’t know anything about this”. This year, even when it was completely out of my area of expertise, I filtered myself a lot! I can try, I can search about it and try to fix it myself. Maybe I will not succeed on everything, of course. Sometimes I even make it worse than before, but hey, I tried! And it feels really good!



This year really gave me some of the best memories as well as some of the worst time. It was very intense. But we are all going to be grateful for what we have, don’t we?  First of all, thanks to an amazing italian/turkish family and to my wonderful husband, my partner in crime, the love of my life. Thanks to all our close friends for being there even when we were far away. Thanks to all my students around the world for all the trust and enthusiasm you always give to me. Thanks to my Improv tribe around the world, I am so lucky to have the honour to come and work with you in festivals and projects! Thanks to all my coaching clients and the companies and schools that worked with my applied improv method and let me the opportunity to show them a different playful point of view. Thanks to all my amazing collaborators for different projects, I couldn’t do anything without all of you and seeing the impact we are creating makes me so proud. Thanks to all the people who smiled at me even without knowing me. Thanks to myself for being strong and resilent in every moment of my life. I am ready for a new beginning, this year more than ever. I welcome a new life, a new year, a new era. For all of you I wish Love. Trust me, this is enough. It has everything you really need in life to be happy. It just depends on you, you already have it inside, do you think you are ready for it?



And now..


…. mine will be: CLEANING! Everything that is connected to clean my body, clean my communication, clean my life, clean my mind, clean situations and people around me, clean the world!


With Love,


One thought on “20 Lessons I learned in 2017

  1. That is great! and very interesting! I enjoyed reading all. Tank you for sharing. The below are my lessons learned I thought to share:

    a. What were the 3 best business lessons learned Nazim learned from the past 12 months?
    • Demand driven product offers are the best – make the client to earn money. Applying for tenders are waste of time.
    • Be your own face. I am very much happy to work for myself and represent myself. Excellent for building true business relationship and appreciation.
    • You get what you negotiate.
    b. What are the 3 best life lessons Nazim learned from the past 12 months?
    • The world is like an ocean if you don’t have any internal limitations there is no external limitations. unless you are stuck in extreme place like a prison.
    • Family is important, family members are your starting point.
    • Your physical and mental health is primary of everything.


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