What I learned from 6 of my favorite TV series on Netflix

Yes I admit, I am a maniac. This is a passion handed down from my father. My brother and sister have the same addiction indeed. Turning off my brain is basically my primary aim, everything I do in my life is very emotionally and mentally tiring so watching TV series it’s one of my ways to relax. And with Netflix it came even easier.


But it’s also true that I don’t completely switch off while I watch them. I get completely into/through/around the stories, I cry like a baby, I feel everything I see and I often use it as a mirror of my life, questioning myself, pondering what I can do better and what I am doing wrong. I know, I never said that I am normal, but this is one of the way that I manage my sensibility and empathy that sometimes can be overwhelming. So watching TV series with me so it’s a kind of an adventure, I am happy my husband learned how to cope with that. One minute of silence for him. He is a saint.


1) What did I learn from Sense 8?

From Sense 8 I learned that even if Homo Sensorium doesn’t exist (are we really sure about it?) people have special sensibility, a special energy that goes in a specific direction. It’s a kind of superpower yes, I believe we all have it in one way or another, and when we accept it we let it flow though us so then we can become aware of it and start using it properly. When people with a special chemistry, with an energy that resonates in the same harmony get together this energy definitely can affect other people’s life. I also enjoyed a lot all the love scenes, free from prejudices, gender’s roles or whatever. Just humans in love. Pure Love full of colors. Amazing. This series also reminded me that, even though we said we have superpowers, we are not all Wonder Women of Supermen, I mean, we also are, but like imperfect heroins and heroes. We should’t be disappointed by it, this makes us real and this makes us need one another. If I support you with my superpowers you will support me with yours and this chain effect can really affect everybody. I mean, at the end it all comes to Love again. Yes, it is the proper answer. Thank you Sense 8. Even if I am angry with you for interrupting it (too revolutionary? the world is not ready for all of this perhaps), I forgive you because of your lessons. I loved it.



2) What did I learn from Elementary?

From Elementary I learned that sometimes the attention for details can be the key. I noticed that I don’t observe enough, wrong. I was not a fan for details, wrong. All this attention it’s also part of listening and helps and empower my job actually. I feel a lot, but my empathy was not enough anymore. Deducting became a good way to do better my work. I did not become a detective (even though, damn I am attracted from it!) but I took what I needed from it. I love the fact that they made Watson a woman. Hell yes, to the mastery of deduction that she learned from Sherlock, she has a very high emotional intelligence and this makes her even more amazing. A model to follow. Very inspiring. I also have to admit that I am learning a lot of new vocabulary and a bit of British accent that I secretly love, but don’t say it too much around, ok?



3) What did I learn from Suits? 

From Suits I learned that persistence and passion for pursuing your mission should always be your priority. I learned that hard work and smart work are not the same thing. I needed to remind this to myself. I personally loved the irony and intelligence of Donna, definitely my favorite character. But I cannot forgive her the fact that she gave everything and even more to a man, for years and years sacrificing a lot of herself. No, no, and no. I instead loved the leadership of Jessica, another very strong woman character. Very inspiring. Then I add a special sympathy for the fraud, Mike. I feel for you my dear. Me too, for personal reasons, I couldn’t attend university, and not having a degree certificate doesn’t make me less capable in my job. I let judge this to my clients. At the end, results will talk. Of course, this doesn’t work in every field, but the world got a bit crazy over this topic eh? Tags. Tags. I am proud to be a self-made professional woman. But the difference is, dear Mike, I don’t lie about it and I don’t commit any crime. READ  MORE ABOUT IT HERE!



4) What did I learn from Pretty Little Liars/Gossip Girl

Watching PLL with my little sister over the summer she spent here in Istanbul with us, is such a sweet memory. I learned from PLL that I don’t like secrets. I understood that I grow up. I am not comfortable with them. They became bigger than you. There are some people who are feeding themselves and their relationships with it in order to feel more special. Lying? Same taste. So dangerous. So far away from me. I am not credible as a lier, I forget the lie very easily and you can see from my body language that I don’t mean what I say. On the other hand I am very good at spot them, I immediately feel when there is something off. There are some people who convince that much themselves about their lies that they start to really believe in them and they lose the contact with reality. So dangerous. Of course, when you are a young girl this perception is not that easy. My sister, at this point will complain that I am boring. I mean, like in Gossip Girl, turning your back one day to one friend or family member and the another one the other day, how can you even count them? Your life would loose the entire balance and be authentic has so many advantages. Of course I also enjoyed the confusion about understanding who was A or Gossip Girl but when you find out it’s always disappointing. I prefered the confusion.



5) What did I learn from Blacklist?

In my next life I definitely want to work as profiler for the FBI. This is the first conclusion I made when I finished to watch it. I also asked to my self: how much are you willing to sacrifice for those you love? Especially if they are in danger. I guess I would do everything I can and I would give everything I’ve got for my beloved ones. From Blacklist I think I also reminded to myself the power of forgiving, understanding and moving forward, sometimes love acts are more important. Unfortunately during Blacklist I also sympathized with some of the criminals, especially with RED, of course. I guess this is part of the collateral damages. It already happened to me in Narcos. Damn. Is it serious? Do you think I can heal? I would need a psychologist, but definitely I don’t recommend the balance and the professionalism of Dr. Halloway from Gipsy. I recommend the TV series though.



6) What did I learn from 13 Reasons Why

This TV series arrived exactly in the moment that I was working with a school about bullying and violence. So with my students we spoke about this a lot. What we learned from this TV series, that perfectly supported and help me during my work, is that we are all effected in some ways from this acts of violence and at the same time we are all responsible in different ways. We arrived at the conclusion that we all experienced being a bully (sometimes just with some comments, sometimes a very bad one), a victim or a witness, that we could share our feelings about it and starts from changing our daily communication with a more positive, caring and grateful attitude. In here we can also find the gender reasons that were haunting that poor girl. Violence in many different forms. All of them so wrong, so bad, so unacceptable. READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE!



I would like to talk about so many more TV Series but for today I will end it here. I am not saying anything new, I know, that was not my intention. But sometimes we all need to be reminded of some basic but necessary things. Don’t we? And this is another way of doing it!

Do you want to share your experience with me? Write a comment or email me at martina.pavone@gmail.com 

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