Yes and..Boost you WonderFULL Self-Confidence in 5 steps!

There is a hidden Wonder inside of us, yes for you too! It doesn’t look like the same for all of us. But we are all FULL of it! We are all WonderFULL. And just when we discover our full potential we can really act and make an impact in our life. Don’t you want a WonderFULL life?


We cannot survive. It’s not enough. We have to live. We cannot go around like zombies slave of our routine, trapped in a life that we didn’t really choose. We shouldn’t feel stuck in a role that is not what we would like to interpretate. We shouldn’t wear a mask or even multiple masks, we should push ourselves to be as most authentic as we can.

I know what you are going to say at this point: “Yes, but you know….” Or some of you will even directly block it and refuse it saying No! By the way, Yes But and No are the same. Don’t block it, try to trust me until the end of the article and maybe even later? Let’s see!

YES AND is the rule number one of Improvisation! So today I am revealing you a little part of my “Let’s Improv to Improve” method!



Did you know that you have a choice? Yes, it’s up to you to raise or lower you self-confidence. YES AND…

Here for you I prepared a list of 5 tips, if you want to learn more of them, don’t hesitate to contact me for a private session at:

Before starting with the tips let me remind you that trying all of them at the same time is going to be very self-defeating. Listen to yourself, we all have own personal rhythm and practice these tips according to your own tempo. Of course not all of them are immediate, they need a bit of time like learning a new instrument or learning how to ride a bike.. YES AND…

  1. Yes and… Find your uplifting music! Oh we will talk about the power of music a lot in the future, I based most of my job on it! Music can be very inspiring and really motivating but it’s important you find your own. Pump yourself (and maybe let yourself have a crazy dance) before a date? Find another music that will pump you up before an interview? Music that makes you feel beautiful and fabulous? Another music that can help you to motivate your work and get you more creative! I like Back Eyed Peas for my crazy dancing! I love Piazzolla for my creativity! And Stevie Wonder also works perfectly with me! Prepare your playlists!
  2. Yes and… Get out of your comfort zone! Surprise yourself with something new! Every week do at least 3 new things for at least 10 mins. Buy a little notebook and write them down, like a sort of diary. Write down what did you do and how did you feel. Challenging yourself is going to prove to yourself that you can cross over your limits, that you routine and your confort zone need to be widen with a good smell of new! Fears, barriers, limitations are just our enemies. Sheryl Sandberg would say: “What would you do if you were not scared?”
  3. Yes and… Wash your brain with positive memories and successful stories! Don’t let your bad experiences, or previous failures define who you are or lead your thoughts about yourself, your skills, your talents, your superpowers, your Wonder! Instead, take a big paper with beautiful colored pens and write down all of your successful stories, all your positive memories. When did you feel happy? When did you feel powerful? When did you feel comfortable? When did you feel good at something? Or talented? Or special? When did you feel beautiful? When did you feel in the right place? Which one is your biggest accomplishment? When was the last time you were doing something that you love? Questions like this.
  4. Yes and…Positive thinking! Learning to set your mindset it’s about focusing on learning new habits of thinking and behavior that will sustain personal brilliance. Because YES you are brilliantly you! You just have to choose to be positive! How? Some little examples:
    • Everyday compliment yourself about 3 things!
    • When you will be in a new conversation for at least 3 minutes keep the energy up and keep it positive!
    • Try to keep your social media posting positive, your attitude in comments with others and in general as an attitude in your live and social media conversation!
    • Everyday at the end of day recall at least 5 good reasons to be grateful for. Appreciate your environment, yourself, people around you, food, a smile, the nature, the weather, etc.
  5. Yes and… Credit yourself and take your space! Crediting yourself for your little and big accomplishments it’s so important! And then celebrate it! Treat yourself! Congratulation! Take your space, take what you deserve. Don’t let anybody being too invasive or even take credit for something you did. You did a great job! You cooked and amazing meal!



Happy International Beer Day!-2



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