I am imperfectly beautiful and I love it!

I was inspired by a discussion we had in my WonderFULL Women Facebook Community  Thanks to three women S, S and S. It’s not a joke, and I am sure it’s not a causality. Three women from three different parts of the world, 3 different cultures and environments. But they were there to support each other, express their concerns and ideas, something so magic in my opinion, that’s why I love our community!

The discussion was about body self confidence especially when it’s summer and we are going to the beach. This topic opens so many different doors that we should explore, and step by step we will go through it. But first of all I want to focus on the SELF CARE that we all deserve. So in this post we will go over some real actions we can apply on our routine! It’s always a work in progress, you don’t worry, you are not alone, we all went through the same.

But do you know how charmy, sexy and beautiful a confident woman looks like? In my opinion, the best. And by the way, for me it works with men as well.

Are you putting yourself down? You are not alone. We are all more obsessed with our appearance than we like to admit. 80 % of Women are are unhappy with what they see in the mirror and up to 80% of women over-estimated their size. (SIRC) “But this is not an indication of ‘vanity’. Vanity means conceit, excessive pride in one’s appearance. Concern about appearance is quite normal and understandable. “(Kate Fox). Self esteem is all about how much you feel you are worth and how much you feel other people value you. Why is that important to take care of your self esteem? Because it affects your mental health and how you behave more than you think.

Humans are by definitions imperfect, beautifully imperfect! Let’s celebrate it!


I am ımperfectly beautıful and ı love ıt!
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As you can see I started from myself, that is one of my photo taken recently in the area of Como Lake in a mini honeymoon with my husband. There are no filters, I don’t have any make up and I am not even keeping in my breath to look thiner! I AM WHAT I AM!!!!! So before starting I want  to dedicate this song to you! Music was always a big protagonist of my life and still it is! It’s incredibly powerful! Follow the lyrics and sing it out loud, dancing like a crazy in your living room, jumping on the sofa, using cooking utensils as microphones. Open your curtains and let your neighbors enjoy your energy, you don’t need to hide how WonderFULL you are!!! And for a while this will be our jingle song!!! COME ONNNNNNNN!!! I AM WHAT I AM AND WHAT I AM NEEDS NO EXCUSES! (Thank you Gloria Gaynor!)

STEP 1 – You should like, accept and love yourself for what you are! I will never stop saying this, if necessary I will find thousands different ways to say it. Did you miss the article about it? CLICK HERE! You are WonderFULL don’t forget it! You need to repeat this every day looking at yourself in the mirror. We all need this kind of healthy attitude. Of course you can decide to have a healthy lifestyle, exercising or eating right but it’s important that you understand that feeling good about ourselves it’s not about changing how we look but it’s about your mindset!

STEP 2 – Exercise your motivation. Find your channel, follow your mentors, your muses. Read books about it. Follow Facebook pages, JOIN OUR COMMUNITY! Exercise complimenting yourself with 3 nice words per day! I found this very nice gallery in Pinterest, there are even ironic and funny graphics about it. Enjoy!

STEP 3: Take care of your environment. It’s important that you have around people who are supportive. People who love you unconditionally and not because how you look like. It’s also important you don’t let people comment your body. Your Body, Your Rules. And not to forget that it’s also very bad to have people around who are constantly complaining (in general complaining is toxic but in this case especially) about their body. And if a man doesn’t want you because you are not fitting his physical standards, trust me, better loose this non-opportunity according to the kind of judgement he is using. And by the way, we should also say that it’s not that easy for men as well, infact there is an increase in body dissatisfaction among males. They are also victim of stereotypes and stupid standards.

Real people aren’t perfect and perfect people aren’t real!

STEP 4: Recognize that your body is your own, your body is your temple, no matter what is your size, what is your shape, how it looks like. You are alive. You are strong. You are healthy. You are unique. You are original! You can do whatever you want with your body. You are very very lucky. Don’t forget it.

STEP 5: Identify which aspects of your appearance you can realistically change and which you can’t. If there are things about yourself that you really want to change then do this by making goals for yourself, make an everyday plan, keep track of the progress until you reach your goal and don’t forget to celebrate every little step forward!

STEP 6: Learn how to control yourself. Whenever you hear negative comments coming from your inner voice, tell yourself to stop! You can do it. You have control over it. And when you learn how to control it you start feeling more powerful and your self esteem will gain points as well!

STEP 7: Stop comparing yourself with others. It’s so toxic. Instead you can focus on accentuating the qualities you like about yourself, this will boost your self confidence. Also, when you choose your dressing style you can focus on emphasize your favorite parts!

STEP 8: Practice self care weekly! How? As you wish. Find your way. You can build a routine or experiment different ways every time. A massage?  A relaxing bath? Manicure/pedicure? Reading an inspiring book? Gardening? Meditation? A walk? whatever you like and makes you feel good. But, take it serious. For example, make it part of your schedule: Holy me time!

STEP 9: Respect your body! When you are eating you should force yourself to eat slowly, of course enjoying what you are eating but only until you are satisfied. Learn how to control your limits.


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So, are you singing? The last part of the song is my favorite!

I am, I am, good
I am, I am,strong
I am, I am somebody
I am I do belong
I am, I am, good
I am, I am,strong
I am, I am somebody
I am I do belong
I am, I am, useful
I am, I am true
I am, I am worthy
I am as good as you
I am, I am, useful
I am, I am true
I am, I am worthy
I am as good as you! 

Would you like to start a coaching journey about your self confidence? Don’t hesitate to contact me for a free in-take session! Contact me: martina.pavone@gmail.com

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