Communication Coaching

Are you interested in becoming a brilliant and effective communicator? An inspiring speaker? An aware leader? Contact me at

As a Communication coach I have two different programs:

  • one is focused on social success, public speaking, vocal and body technique, leadership and self esteem.
  • the other one is focused on group dynamics, conflicts, emotional intelligence, feedback, relationship, inclusive and non violent communication.

Communication technically speaking is the act of transferring information from one place to another. Sounds simple, it’s not. Everything is based on communication directly and indirectly, with ourselves and with others, verbal or non verbal, conflicts and resolutions, coding or encoding, selling, learning, teaching, leadership, family, love.

“Life is communication. Communication is life. ” – Martina Pavone

Do you want to achieve any of these specific outcomes?

  • Be confident, outgoing, charismatic and brilliant in your social life and career
  • Be balanced, natural effective and confident with you body and voice
  • Be able to manage interpersonal communication
  • Being brilliant in every sphere of your life
  • Becoming an effective and inspiring speaker
  • Becoming an aware, positive and temerarious leader
  • Be smart in conflict resolution, mediation and difficult conversation
  • Give the best public speaking presentation like an actor or a star
  • Being a good team player in brainstormings, meetings and design thinking
  • Be able to develop you emotional intelligence skills
  • Being the best, aware and brilliant version of yourself fulfilling all your potentials
  • Preparing for the interview of your life
  • Becoming a good listener, a body language reader, and empathic leader capable of understanding others and create connections


I am a trained listener, an empathic observer who elicits and exploit the client own skills, potential and creativity.

I am a big fan of the power of communication and a very experienced speaker. On one side I come from music and theater education and the stage and performances have always been my best friends. On the other side, because I am also the CEO of NGO who works for women’s empowerment, I am going around a lot to advocate for the women’s cause, for integration and inclusion. My superpowers are communication and love and through them I love to inspire and support people to improve the best version of themselves!


1 – Public Speaking

2 – Vocal technique and vocal therapy

3 – Body language

4 – Mediation and conflict resolution

5 – Difficult conversations, positive and negative feedback

6 – Interpersonal, non violent & inclusive communication

7 – Emotional Intellinge

8 – Group Behavior, teams and leadership

9 – Self expression




1 – Applied Improvisation technique

2 – Emotional Intelligence management

3 – PNL and Coaching techniques

4 – Mindfulness and positive psychology

5 – Pedagogy and Educational structures

6 – Stage and performance principles from Music and Theater

7 – Organizational Culture and Behavior for teams and leaders

8 – Role play,  vocal therapy and playful teaching

9  – Non violent communication


WonderFULL Communication: Non violent and Inclusive Program!

The WonderFULL Communication Program is focused on interpersonal communication in the workplace or in relationships. The approach is to learn how to control our communication skills and how to improve them not to be violent but inclusive. Communication is the base for everything in our life! It should be priority number one!

Transform your relationships at work, at home and in the classroom with the WonderFULL communication effective skills!

Do you realize that even if it’s unconscious you tend to be misunderstood? Do you struggle to express your needs? Do you find difficult to ask for something? Do you find yourself always uncomfortable in front of difficult conversations? Do you know how to express your feelings without hurting anybody? Do you want to stay connected heart to heart in difficult conversations? Do you want to learn how to understand other people needs? Would you like to get rid of judgmental attitude in favor of a more positive communication?

Contact me! I will design for you a personalize package to improve your communication skills, support you to achieve your goals for an ideal WonderFULL Communication, positive, non violent and Inclusive!

Contact me at to arrange the first in-take session: it is for free!

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