#ImproVVocal in Germany for the Theatersport marathon of 27 hours!

What an experience!

So, this is my second time in Germany for my #improvvocal tour, I have to admit that every time I am here, I understand how much Germans are good with Culture and Arts, they appreciate a lot what I do and what I can give to them and I always grow as a trainer and as a performer as well.  There is always something new to learn, and this is the best part of my profession.




I spent a beautiful week with professional Improviser teaching them vocal techniques, impro-musical and vocal improvisation. It was an intensive course where everyday we worked hard in order to include those new tools inside of their normal work, especially inside of their theater sport games. And indeed, they made me a proud teacher, because in the shows I could see outstanding results in their improvised songs, in improvised – a cappella or not, both cases – musical or in a improvised choir. From this video at the minute 50 and see with your own eyes what they did, an emotional gospel, I was crying for the happiness! And then again after 2hours and 04minutes you can find an improvised choir! Not to mention many other performances, talented and professional performers in just one week can create miracles!

Enjoying being surprised by my students! Photo Credit @Haye Graf

I was not just a teacher, but also a student myself. We had the opportunity to work with a professional dancer working with theater, the great Lulu Pugliese from Brazil, professor herself in the University of Salvador. We were taking care of our body as well as exploring contact techniques and choreography formats to use in our scenes just using our bodies to tell stories. We were also lucky to work with Jamie Mears, Australian living in Lisbon, theater professor currently writing even a book! With Jamie we worked on viewpoints techniques and it was very interesting to find how many common points we have with our work, so we combined them and we were very happy about the results!


A very interesting part of our work was lead by Volker Quandt, founder, coordinator, trainer, host and CEO of Harlekin Theater collaborating with LTT  in Tubingen. Volker has been doing this job since 27 years, and the results are really outstanding. The theater is always full, more than 400 people to every theatersport show, with an audience coming from different cities around, young people, families and old people. All of them very active and passionate about theatersport. But the talent of Volker is not just knowing what people of Tubingen area wants, but he also knows how to choose great people, professional, talented with a big heart always thirsty of new learning. I have never seen such an high level of theatersport full of storytelling, literature, culture, social messages, music, movies and a lot, a lot and a lot of fun! WOW! So Volker guided us to find the cultural combinations, intersactions, differences and how to use them to create something magical together. In this way we’ve been able to learn a lot about German culture, Australian Culture, Brazilian Culture, American Culture, Japanese Culture and how to use them in the Theatersport games.



We are not just talking about multicultural theatersport shows. But a marathon of 27 hours without stops. This is what happened. Jumping from a culture to another one, live streaming and also connected live with LA, Australia, Japan and Brazil! When technology, good technicians (thank you Claus!) a perfect organization and problem solving by Felix Schmidt are working together with theater, the magic can start!



So what about your German? I hope it’s enough good to check out what the press wrote about this amazing project:

  1. http://www.tagblatt.de/Nachrichten/Baby-Metal-von-Tuebingen-nach-Tokio-319156.html
  2. http://swrmediathek.de/player.htm?show=62002900-e7ea-11e6-9102-005056a12b4c





What it really makes a big difference at the end in a gorgeous experience like this, are the people. You have the opportunity to meet amazing people, people who inspire you, people who make you laugh like crazy, people who are ready to stand for you, people who may become life friends or new business partner. So I am greatful for this. To all of you, for making it special. Not just like a good work experience. But a great human experience which is gonna stay in my heart. Thank you very much, THANK YOU!


Danke, Thank you, Grazie, Arigato, Obrigado! 

Photo Credits by Haye Graf

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