Social Impact Summit: the future (in the) generation!


I had the honor to be invited as Trainer & Mentor for the first Social Impact Summit organized by Istanbul & I in Habita coworking space in Istanbul.  I was giving one of my peer to peer training using my method Let’s improv to improve, working on cooperation, integrational and partecipative leadership.



Improvisation can save the world. Improvisation should be taught in schools. This is my battle, my mission. And yesterday, December 10th 2016 we could prove it all together. It can look just as a little step, but we are not gonna stop, I am not gonna stop, we are gonna empower more and more youth to become the new positive leaders of tomorrow. It’s a win win. So what are we waiting for?

Skills like listening, accepting, managing the unexpected, be resilient, be in the here and now, serving the whole for good and many others, are mottos, rules, basic of storytelling, basic of the Art of Improvisation. And Improvisation is not chaos. It’s a perfect mirror of our daily life. A script that has not be written. When I say Improvisation I mean Vocal Improvisation and Improvisational Theater, in my method I use them both, mixed with classic theater methods, organizational leadership theories, communication principles and more.

I worked with more than 50 students from all around the world on it, building our common ground of intercultural communication. We were covering really the entire planet with our nationalities. Different languages but all english speakers. Different religions but all believing in a better future,  only if we work together. Women and Men working, learning, laughing, together. Girls with veil with girls with mini skirt, rich students with students coming from the areas affected from the war. But we were all smiling in the same language. Thank you Istanbul & I for making it possible.


Istanbul & I is a community of more then 150 volunteers coming from all around the world and working on making a difference. I admire all and each of them. What a vibrant community, how many incredible young people. I am very happy to support them and work with them, those people are gonna save us all, they are gonna save the world. We just need to let them do it, support them, mentor them or whatever else they can need from us all. I trust you guys, you are beautiful part of the new generation that can give us a big hope.

In the Mentorship session I had many people coming to me with different questions but a certain amount of students wanted to stay there and build something together about Gender and Women’s Empowerment. And yes they did it. In one hour and a half with had a discussion about women’s empowerment, and they came out with the design of a concrete proposal, they pitched it in front of the jury and even if they didn’t win it they already got a big feedback from someone important. How more proud could I be? Now they all want to volunteer and collaborate with Onar Istanbul. Yes this is the generation that is gonna save us all. So much passion, WOW!!!


In order to touch and meet many other young people like this we need more and more Social Impact Summit. Let’s not stop, this is just the beginning. Together we will change the world. For real. 



#ActToImpact #raiseyourwoice #martinapavone #letsimprovetoimprove #onaristanbul #womensempowerment

One thought on “Social Impact Summit: the future (in the) generation!

  1. Hello Martyna, thank you so much for this amazing preview of the day’s events and thank you so much for coming and giving us that incredible peer to peer session. I was part of the staff and unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to come and have a conversation with you but I am looking forward to meet you in the coming future. I follow what you do in Onar Istanbul and I am really impressed in your works so far.


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