What an experience! What a show! What can I do sometimes?

I had the pleasure to be moderator, presenter and coordinator of a new project, a new challenge that we are doing thanks to the collaboration with BKM Mutfak.

“What can I do sometimes? Sketches in the Kitchen” is the name of our English Comedy Show. Basically it’s a show of sketches in english inspired by the turkish format 4 Çeyrek bir Tam that you can watch in BKM Mutfak every monday!



I had the pleasure to have a co-presenter like Curtis Erhart from Ephemerata Improv Duo, just to mention, we entered on the stage singing Cabaret and this excited us so much that we are still giggling about it.


The four groups were formed from The Clap Improv Company, Istanbul International A Cappella Choir, and NoteIstanbul. Both the second and third group are my students, so you can imagine how proud I could be about all of them. They did such an incredible job, to be honest, even way more than I expected. WOW!

It was also very interesting noticing such a different point of view on humour, different ways to entertain our audience thanks to the fact we are all coming from different parts of the world, this makes it even more special. Everybody put so much passion on this and couldn’t have a better opening night! So now the real journey will start, are we gonna be able to entertain our audience again and again?

You know, comedy it’s such a difficult world, that until you don’t personally touch it you can’t really realize it. You have to put completely yourself in it, naked, completely vulnerable and ready to work on yourself with a lot of modesty and humility. It’s a personal development journey as well, very interesting. I feel like I am growing so much and learning, and I am so grateful for this. I am discovering a part of myself that nobody ever encouraged me to highlight.

Did you miss it? So we will give you a second possibility! Next one will be on December 18th in BKM Mutfak. And we will be hilarious. What Can I do sometimes? What Can We Do sometimes? Sketches in the Kitchen will be cooked for you!

A special hug “alla turca” from all of us!



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